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Live Wed-Streaming!

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Introducing "Wed-Steaming"! - We broadcast (stream) your wedding live over the Internet!

With the rising cost of gas impacting travel more of your loved one may not be able to make the trip to you wedding. Whether you have elderly relatives who are not able to travel or just friends far way, the fact is that not everybody that would like to be at your wedding will be able to attend.

Whatever the reason if your friends and family can't travel to be at your wedding, you can bring your wedding to them... via live web-cast, over the Internet in high quality full motion streaming video.


How it Works

Our technicians will setup a video camera with a professional external microphone and hook it to a laptop with our specialized video steaming software. We wirelessly attach to the Internet and we are ready to stream. We have partnered with a Internet video streaming company to broadcast your wedding to. We will provide you with the URL to send to your friends and family so they can watch your wedding live! All they need is an Internet connection and a free Flash video plug-in.


We can also broadcast all or part of your wedding reception!

Your wedding can be global - a recent bride from Riwanda had family that could not travel to Arizona. Comments from that video streaming from a guest "Very Cool, smooth video...thank you"